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With our inspection and care, your brakes shouldn't be a problem when it comes to you and driving your car. Visit us today so you can feel confident the next time you stop at a stop sign or see somebody in front of you slam on their brakes. You have many other things to worry about in your life, don't let your brakes add on to your stress. Call us now for help.

Take a break to fix your brakes

One of the simplest yet often overlooked vital components to driving and operating a safe car are the brakes. If your brakes are run down or worn out, you can easily cause an accident or at the very least worry yourself every single time you get behind the wheel. Indian River Auto Repair can provide your car with new brakes, so you can relax and protect yourself on your daily commute to work and other rides during the day. Our services include:

  • Brake service

  • Timing belts

  • Tire rotations

  • Brake inspection

  • Brake linings

  • Cost effective repairs


Call today for new brakes!

Our team can tell you if your brakes are damaged.



Stop by us for help so you can stop in confidence

Are you worried each time you stop at a stop light or stop sign? Relax and make a trip to us, where we can make sure your brakes work and fix any problems we see with your brakes.

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