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Fix your suspension system with us

Your vehicle’s suspension system and struts keep the car on the road and you in control. The professionals at Indian River Auto Repair offer full-service auto repair, including automobile suspension system repair and struts repair for all makes and models. Bring your car to us to discover why vehicle owners in Virginia Beach, VA, Norfolk, VA, and Chesapeake, VA trust our certified mechanics for their repair and maintenance needs.


When a problem with the suspension or struts occurs, it should be addressed as soon as possible before it becomes an even bigger issue. Issues in the suspension system can cause other problems with steering and power steering. If you suspect a problem, bring your vehicle to us for reliable car suspension repair service.


Call today for help with suspensions and struts. Our team can tell you if your suspensions and struts are damaged.



Is your steering wheel not quite centered?

If your steering wheel isn't quite centered or you hear a lot of noise when going over bumps, there is probably something wrong with your suspension system. Visit us today to see what we can do for you.

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Signs of a Problem

There are some signs of a problem with the suspension or struts. If you have noticed bouncing when driving down the road, the car wanders, or the steering wheel is crooked, there is noise when you go over bumps in the road, or your tires are not wearing evenly, there may be a problem with the suspension or struts.


Don’t wait to seek help with problems related to the suspension or struts. The certified and experienced team at Indian River Auto Repair have extensive training and experience with struts and suspension repair. We can evaluate your vehicle to determine if the struts or suspension need repair. Please contact our auto repair shop today at 757-502-4730 for quality repair service, so you can feel comfortable and safe when driving your car.